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Goodbye To Pastor Mark Balmer!

It is with a heavy heart that we hear of the passing of another of God’s Generals in faith, Pastor Mark Balmer. The founder of Calvary Chapel Melbourne, FL. God had used this humble man to touch the hearts and souls of many. The process of watching the church grow from its inception was moving. I remember from Calvary’s small beginning to the first time I saw an actual camera move above the audience to film the service - how I struggled to hold back the tears. Why? Because God was there, and moving upon His church through Pastor Mark in a way seldom witnessed today. It amazed me after a while, as the audience grew large that you could hear a pin drop during service because everyone was so tuned in to Pastor Marks message. God clearly spoke through him to each, and every heart and it showed.

We will always thank god for Pastor Mark, in being the godly mentor that helped me reach beyond the average to build a faith in Christ that today stands strong, and continues to grow.

Our hearts and prayers are with his family during this time especially, his beautiful and loving wife, Lynda. May we pour our love and spiritual support over her right now. They were such an amazing team together.

The Lord now welcomes home another general into His Kingdom, one who will be forever missed, and never forgotten. We love you, Pastor Mark! Thank you! This Easter will be amazing time for you - as we all can only imagine.