It’s About Repentance By “Will” Rather Than Just a Decision
Suffering Proves There is No God?

(Part 1) HOLY SPIRIT - Who Touched Me?


Jesus was walking a dusty road on his way to see a Synagogue leader’s daughter who came to him, while throngs of people followed as His disciples try their best to prevent them from crushing Jesus. The chaos was building as the desperate people grew anxious in their need to receive healing from the Lord. As Jesus walked, he talked with his disciples as he hears his name shouted over the growing crowd. Many of which had traveled from miles away.

The news of Jesus's miracles spread fast throughout the region, and within the crowd voices shouted, "Heal me Jesus! Heal me!” over and over as people tried desperately to get the Lord's attention.

The crowd continued along with Jesus and his disciples when suddenly Jesus -
stops! Jesus felt power leave his body and the impact stopped him in His tracks. Within seconds the turbulent chaos of the crowd shouting His name came to a halt, as Jesus turned around to ask, "who touched Me?."

Jesus's disciples shocked by his question replied, "Lord, look at all these people pressing on you and you ask, "Who touched you?!." Ignoring the statement Jesus scans the crowd with his eyes in search of someone and came to rest on a woman midway back in the crowd that now, held His full attention. Somehow, the Lord singled her out from all the people, and as his eyes met hers Jesus knew, it was her that touched him.

When the woman’s eyes met the Lords she knew too why He was focused on her. For in that moment time stood still as something supernatural was happening to her body that would forever change her life.

For weeks the woman heard what people were saying about Jesus and for the first time in a long time - hope began to grow in her heart. For twelve years she had suffered having a flow of blood that physicians could not heal to stop. In her desperate attempts to find a cure had left her financially broke, and discouraged. Having to live as an outcast amongst her people was hard as she was considered unclean by Jewish Law. For a woman with a flow of blood was not to be seen in public, and anything she touched would be considered defiled.

Only God knew how she suffered, and daily, she prayed for God’s mercy and healing. Then one day she heard news about a man named Jesus, and how He healed people from diseases, blindness, and those who were crippled. Suddenly, her heart was lifted with hope, and she believed that if Jesus could do those things He could heal her too.

She began to plan to go see Jesus, but travel in her condition seemed impossible. Then one-day she heard he would be passing by her town and she knew, she had to go to Him. The risk of being seen in public was great, but regardless of the consequences, she had to see Jesus! She told herself “if only she could touch the hem of his garment.” For she believed in her heart that she didn’t need his attention but only to touch Jesus hem. For if someone could do what Jesus was doing then God surely was with Him.

The day Jesus passed by her town she had waited until she heard the approaching crowd that followed the Lord. Quickly, she covers her head to conceal her face and slowly crept into the crowd. Relieved that know one recognized her she begins to push her way to the front while telling herself that she only needed to touch his garment to be healed. As the crowd followed and shouted to the Lord her faith drew her closer and closer to the front of the crowd until she could see Jesus. She then without reserve - leaps forward, and as she falls to the grown she touches the hem of Jesus cloak. Suddenly, while still on the ground as the crowd passed around her she feels something happening to her body.

45CDDF38-3020-4E1D-97EC-1DF3DA31F87AIn her astonishment and excitement the crowd around her stops. She then feels the need to rise to her feet to then feel the Lords attention on her.

How could Jesus know it was her who touched him? She was swallowed by the crowd!
In that moment it was as if (again) the world stood still as Jesus focused on her intently. In silence, there was a connection between her and the Lord that filled her heart with such love, and hope. Two things she had never in her life felt before. But now, on a dirt road surrounded by strangers she not only is healed, but feels to see a love from the very face of God.

Now, with all eyes on her, and the Lord, fear floods her heart as she throws herself upon Jesus's feet in shame. She knew she shouldn’t have touched Jesus, but she had too! He was her only hope, and in her determination to make contact with Jesus she now lays before Him totally healed.

Jesus was moved with compassion for her, as He alone knew her pain and suffering. It was however, her faith that drew power from Him to heal her. And as the woman wept softly at His feet she pleaded for his forgiveness, while thanking the Lord for healing her.

Jesus bends down and gently takes her hands in His and helps her up. Looking into her eyes, Jesus said to her, "Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction." (Mark 5:25-34)

In that moment, after years of suffering she stood now totally healed, and called a "Daughter," which restored to her soul a sense of identity that only God can give to His children. Something she never thought to feel.

God had heard her prayers, and sent His Son Jesus to restore her. She didn’t need to travel a far distance to Him but instead God came to her! She only needed to go to Him regardless of the consequences.

Afterward, Jesus continued on His way as the crowd resumed their shouting and following the Lord along the road. The woman stood there on the spot where she touched the Lord, and silently, watched Jesus until His appearance faded slowly over the horizon. And even though his image had disappeared; inside of her from the Lords touch would remain, forever!

After a while the woman slowly turned and began her walk back home, doing so now, as a new person. She walked home praising God for His mercy, and love, and for sending to her, Jesus.

Today because of the death and resurrection of Christ, Christians have the same Holy Spirit in them. How conscious must we be of the Holy Spirit in us when power leaves our body to heal someone? This should bring attention in the importance of the gift that God has given believers in Christ. In a faith that not only gets our prayers heard but stops God in his tracks to notice to engage the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus chose to leave His Glory to become a man so that He could reveal the Father to the world, and to give the Holy Spirit to believers in Christ. For that which was lost in the garden by Adam and Eve’s sin, now has been restored by Jesus in a spiritual rebirth for believers by the Father.

The main focus in this story is the faith that releases the power of the Holy Spirit. From a woman whose heart was open to believe to receive hope and healing from God through His Son, Jesus. (John 3:16) For God says:

".. you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart." (Jeremiah 29:13)

"Then you will call upon Me and go and pray to Me, and I will listen to you." (Jeremiah 29:14).

Like the people in the crowd many come to Jesus for different reasons but its the ones who's hearts are open; who humble themselves (regardless of risk) that will find the Lord, and experience healing. Sometimes healing comes in stages, but regardless in what God does on the inside of us we can never deny His touch. For my life is proof of that touch, truth, and the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives.

The woman healed that day did not think she would actually get the Lords attention, for she only prayed to be healed by touching Him. What she actually got became far more than she could have ever imagined.

How many women suffer like this woman today? Not necessarily with her health issue but from the feelings of being an outcast in a world that gives no love or mercy? Only Jesus has the power to heal our emotions, our brokenness, and our mind. Only Christ’s Spirit can give to us all of what we need. And He does, as we yield and build our faith through learning, prayer, and serving within the body of Christ. For when we read God’s Word - it in turn - reads us “supernaturally” to heal us. We only need to build the faith that engages the Holy Spirit within us. It’s then that we can build the faith that catches the Lords attention.

The people following Jesus that day had many needs yet, only one woman received healing. Why? She took Jesus and her faith in Him seriously, and in her determination she not only met the Lord, but was fully restored in body, mind, and soul.

Today we build faith through Bible study and prayer, for it’s in those times in private that God can do His greatest work to then one-day share in public.

Below is a testimony from my niece, Janie, (my nephew's wife) who had been healed from a debilitating rash that nothing could cure. Then not long after she was saved she heard how the Holy Spirit heals. Hearing her story I saw the parallel's in Janie's struggle like the woman healed in the story that produced a faith in Jesus out of hope through suffering. For it was at church that Janie “heard” how Jesus still heals today. Janie began to search the scriptures to see for herself, how the Holy Spirit heals, and in her study grew a faith that engaged the Holy Spirit within her to heal her. Since that time, Janie continues to grow spiritually as Jesus continues to walk her through to receive other healings. Today she has become a woman of prayer who continues to pray for many, and as she grows, God continues to heal and spiritually mature Janie. I am so proud of her and excited in the woman of God she is becoming in Christ.

May we learn to build the faith that gets God's attention not only for healing, but to see answered prayer for those who need Gods touch, and salvation. For prayer is the Phone-line to reach Heaven, and Gods LOVE is the manor in which it’s sent, and received.

Janie's testimony: