June 02, 2009

A video where the world can see how the love and mercy of God; working through the least expected, and weakest. Who are then moved to become the intervention for a family in need of hope in Nsoko, Swaziland.

A true story that combines all the emotions of a faith, in my journey to Nsoko. Where I would meet the precious gift that would change my life forever.

Captain Bob Maier and his wife Patty have been doing mission work in Africa from the moment Delta started flying to Africa. A year later their efforts have grown to launch "Africa" missions in their home church.

Because of their love and passion for the people of Africa, an International Humanitarian Organization soon spotted them to offer them a seat on it's Board of Directors. Thus launching them to an all new level in getting help to those in need in Africa. They are now trying to get more of Delta involved in the rewarding work.

This video is the result of their latest efforts between their church and Delta Airlines that had joined in to help distribute blankets for orphans in Cape Town, South Africa when Archbishop Desmond Tutu became an honored guest.

A story about death. A story about life. A story about the legacy left by a one-month-old Swazi baby boy who died unexpectedly.

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